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2023 President's Message - Deb Lanata

Welcome to 2023!  With a new year come new cases and these last few months have brought us many new high-profile cases to observe.  From the quadruple murders in Moscow, Idaho to the killing of Anna Walshe in Massachusetts, there is much that is capturing the nation’s attention and by proxy, how we perform in forensic investigations. 

The Moscow case in particular has brought to the forefront a new technique for solving crimes, Investigative Genetic Genealogy.  This is something I have been participating in “on the side” so to speak, for several years now, helping adoptees find their birth parents.  I also believe it is the future of solving crimes, both cold and current.  In the last two seminars, we have brought in Amanda Reno from Advanced DNA to talk about how this is being done.  I’m hoping we are able to bring in a nationally known Investigative Genetic Genealogist for our upcoming September conference.

With all the new techniques and constant changes to our field, I believe now more than ever, it’s important to be prepared.  You never know when one of these cases will land in your jurisdiction.  To that end, I’m a strong supporter of the idea of getting certified in your area of expertise with the IAI.  Feel free to contact myself or any other board member on getting certified so that you are best prepared when you are called upon.

I’m looking forward to our September 2023 conference and to getting to meet many of you that I don’t already know.  Be well and be safe!

2023 Newly elected OIO Board member - Kayla Boch

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