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Benefits of Membership

Membership in the OIO provides important benefits for forensic investigation professionals.

  • The OIO, representing its members, serves as a focal point for public information concerning the forensic identification profession.

  • The OIO promotes accuracy, precision and specificity in the forensic identification sciences.

  • The OIO membership requirements ensure that only qualified individuals are admitted as members.

Apply Online

Want to apply online? Click below to fill out your application form, which will be forwarded to the board for approval.

Open Membership Application Form

You will receive notification from the treasurer about the status of your application and instructions for payment once the application is approved.

Questions about membership? Email the treasurer at

Membership Qualifications

  • Active: Shall consist of Chiefs of Police, Chiefs of Detectives, Heads of Bureau of Criminal Identification and Investigation, Sheriffs, and all other persons who are employees of and are receiving salaries from National, State, County and Municipal governments, or sub-division thereof, and who are actively engaged in the practice of this profession.

  • Student / Associate: All reputable persons wholly or partially engaged in any the various phases of the science of identification and who are not qualified for active membership, are eligible to become Associate Members. They shall in all respects be subject to the same rules, duties, and charges and entitled to the same rights and privileges as active members, except they shall not be entitled to vote or hold office.

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